The Woman Adopted a Strange Tailless Cat But Then She Found out the Truth

There happened an amazing story just recently in Richmond.  One of the local residents found a cat in the forest whom she liked so much that she decided to take to her home.  This interesting story seems to be the plot of some comedy.

“This kitty was stuck in my fence.  She had been meowing for a very long time so I went outside.  I couldn’t leave her in this position because there are many stray dogs in the area who could harm the cute creature.  The woman took her out of the trap and carried her home.  She wasn’t surprised by the short tail of the catty.  The woman thought that the cutie was of mixed breed.”- the woman told.

The cute cat hissed loudly and tried to bite all the objects in the house.  Her “savior” thought the animal was acting this way because she was abandoned.

The woman also told that the cat was extremely hungry.  She tried to find her old or new owner as soon as possible in order to get rid of her.

For some time she tried to find contact with the cat and almost lost her fingers after which she decided to ask for advice of netizens on the Web.

An experienced user wrote to the woman that she a wild and dangerous animal to her house – a lynx.  As it turned out the woman had moved here quite recently and had never seen a lynx so she confused one of them with a large domestic cat.

She brought the animal back to het natural habitat. The users recommended the woman to visit the clinic but there were no scratches or bites on her body so everything was in order.

But it is still unclear for us how much one needs to love animals and how much courage one has to have in order to take a predator to her own house and try to raise him ?!

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