The calf, that was 4-month-old was able to escape into the forest and discovers a fortress in deer family

Bonnie is a 4-month-old calf, that lived with other animals on a farm in upstate New York. 

All was okay until their owner died.

The relatives decided to sell the farm, and the cows were taken for meat. 

Somehow, on the way the little Bonnie was able to escape and go into the nearby forest. 

After several months locals noticed, that this cals is not common. 

First, they weren’t able to catch him. 

Second, she could live in the forest in winter, earning food.

 Third, she was able to survive among predators. 

And fourth, she even became a real deer! 

Yes, the cow lived among deers and they thought it was one of them. 

Although she managed to survive during cold winters, his health was very damaged and he needed help! 

The neighbouring farm owner, a woman named Becky, decided to try to help the calf. 

On cold days, she went to the forest and left food and water there. After some time, the woman managed to gain Bonnie’s trust and she allowed her to threaten her. 

And then the woman called the animal rights activists from Sanctuary for help! 

The volunteers built a fence, encircled Bonnie there and with the help of the woman they could get the calf to them. 

It lasted 3 weeks, and after 3 attempts they have succeeded. 

In the end the animal gave up and returned to his normal life. 

Now she has her own feeder, a warm shelter and friendly neighbour. 

Although she misses her deer friends, we hope, that she may never run away from people one more time.

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