The stray doggy couldn’t be ignored due to his wide smile. How cutie he is!  

The caring man was attracted by the wandering doggy.

The case took place in Brooklyn, where many stray animals need help because they all cannot live in shelters.

There was a helpless pit bull who was wandering on the streets and thanks to the caring man he was saved.

Although most pit bulls are very dangerous, this one is very kind and nice, but unfortunately he had to live outside.

Once a helpful man with his doggy was walking along the street when suddenly noticed the poor animal. He understood that the cutie was homeless and decided to support him. The man took him to his home and looked after him.

He tried to find his owner and returned the pit bull to him, but couldn’t, so he stayed with his new owner.

The most attractive thing of the doggy is his nice smile and after seeing it, the man couldn’t leave him. He called him Brinks.

12 years passed, but the pet’s wide smile remained the same. He always smiles to his loving owner.

His daddy says that the crazy doggy always smiles even when he sleeps.

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