«We were about to lose her»։ this is what happened to Jennifer Lopez during filming that worried fans

She almost died during a stunt on the set of her new movie!😱😥In a pivotal scene of the film, Jennifer was in a dangerous situation that could have taken her life😲💔

Recently, the recent romantic comedy «Shotgun Wedding» has been in the spotlight of people’s attention. The famous 53-year-old star Jennifer Lopez played a role in the film.

In one scene in the film, Jennifer’s wedding dress became entangled in the wheel of a car, leading to a life-threatening situation.
While filming, Lopez noticed that the car was already pulling her towards the cliff, and she could not free herself.

At this dangerous moment, she immediately asked her 50-year-old co-star Josh Duhamel for help. Duhamel held Lopez’s hand and guided her to safety.

Jennifer recalls: «I was sure this was the end. I asked him not to let me go»․
Duhamel managed to save Lopez’s life and the actress is grateful to him for such support.

Duhamel also found himself in a dangerous situation while trying to film this scene. He considers himself lucky to be alive and unharmed.
«Shotgun Wedding» is such an interesting and unique film that had such dangerous moments behind the scenes that we definitely have to watch․

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