The funny horse prods the tree, comes towards the doggies and escapes
In the video the strange actions of a funny horse, who did amusing larks became famous which was shown by his family. Sven the Grulla Quarter horse was
This awesome and sweet doggie gently sings to his owner on the phone who is away from home
Absolutely all dog owners have wanted to get the opportunity to pick up the phone and call their dogs, in case they are away from home and get
Woman fixed a feeder camera in order to look at wild animals eating in her backyard
With all the miracles of nature, which are always around us, even having a really good device and knowing how to get a good picture, it isn’t a
This charming Husky’s precious reaction to arrival of an ice-cream truck is absolutely out of this world
The animals’ unconditional love and enthusiasm towards something is really worth watching and this story is one of the cutest ones clearly showing an adorable dog getting extremely
“A Real Selfie Lover”- Manny the Catty Likes Taking Funny Selfies With Big Guard Dogs
 An Instagram user named Yoerm Ahm started an Instagram account in 2014 where he started to share some GoPro camera shots which usually involved the wildlife miracles he
This blessed orphan puppy obviously enjoys a hot bath after being rescued and taken from a garbage
This touching scene shows how an adorable ten-day-old puppy enjoys a hot bath in the sink. The poor animal was mercifully rescued with his two brother after being
A charming 2-week-old kitten was concealing in a textiles box and the owners weren’t able to find her more than an hour
Kittens photos in a textiles box spread all over the Internet and caused exceptional enthusiasm.  A model Britney Ortiz shared his kittens photos on her Twitter account. In
An interested parrot explores a traffic control camera making the officers burst into laughter
In Brazil, an extremely amusing and lovable turquoise-fronted parrot surprises everyone appearing right in front of a traffic control camera. The moment was, later on, shared in the
In this year’s New York City Marathon a duck was spotted among the other competitors
The NY Marathon is considered to be one of the most impressive and outstanding long-distance contests not only in the country, but also in the entire world. It
A puppy experiences snow for the first time and his reaction is caught on camera
There are contradictory opinions about the coming of winter, whereas some people, as well as animals are really obsessed with snow and it can only be a true
A baby foal’s recovery was partly due to his teddy bear
This foal that was unbelievably rescued shows a really touching and warm connection with a teddy bear. When the baby foal was virtually newborn, he was misfortunately rejected
A chubby cat named Cinderblock became famous for being lazy. Now the whole Internet is watching her weight loss
The Internet has a new cat-heroine, which everyone knows and adores. Her name is Cinderblock and she lives at the Northshore Veterinary Clinic located in Bellingham, Washington, USA.