The Wolf Begged for Help; Its Pack Surprised With Their Action

Friends came to the forest to take pictures of nature but met an unfortunate animal.

A critically endangered Indian wolf was saved from death after its head was stuck in a plastic container. The predator was discovered by a group of photographers who were photographing nature in the lake area in Nagpur.

Apparently, the wolf tried to get the remnants of food out of the container but it got stuck with its head inside. Because of the lack of food its body became more and more emaciated and weak over time. Tanai Panpaliya, a 26-year-old accountant from Nagpur, noticed the animal while taking pictures with friends, and then they took up a rescue operation.

After calling the Forestry Department the men had been watching the wolf for two hours so that it would not go away before the arrival of the animal rights activists. According to Tanai during that time the other wolves watched their relative from afar.

It was a plastic container that is often used to store food. Villagers throw unused containers wherever they want, which in its turn leads to such accidents with wild animals. “

After the container was removed from the wolf’s head, the vets began to pour water over it to bring the temperature down and then released it into the wild. The animal quickly ran away and joined its flock.

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