The Cat Came to a House and Asked to Go Inside to Give Birth to Her Kittens

Earlier this month, Sandy who is an Arizona resident noticed a local stray cat in her yard. This cat used to roam the streets but she came to the human habitation to ask for food.

Sandy kindly offered the cat a full meal and fresh water. While the fluffy guest was eating the hostess noticed the roundness of her belly and assumed that the catty was pregnant.

After licking the plate, the cat approached Sandy as if she wanted to ask her to stay. She needed a place for her kittens and Sandy understood this and couldn’t leave the expectant mother alone.

The woman let the catty inside and gave a spare bedroom to her. So, the fate of the kittens was decided – now homelessness didn’t threaten them.

The cute kitty immediately felt at home. She lay down on the floor and rested her head on a soft blanket. She seemed to know for sure that she was in good hands.

The expectant mother really liked her new room.

Hoping to provide the cat and kittens with better conditions and accommodation Sandy turned to the volunteer guardian Jen from Jin’s Bottle Babies.

A few days later, there was surprise waiting for Sandy at home. There were five healthy babies who were cleanly licked and they were drinking milk from their caring mother.

“She gave birth on St. Patrick’s Day, so we named the kittens after the shades of green – Green, Emerald, Salad, Olive and Forest Green and the Mommy was called Jade.”

On the evening of that Friday the animal rights activists were able to take the entire family of six cuties into their care.

Jen also says that the mommy is incredibly sweet and sociable.

She got used to our house rather quickly. When I enter the room, she gets up and follows me if she isn’t busy feeding the animals and as soon as I open the closet she immediately needs to inspect it.”

The crumbs grow very quickly and they gain the prescribed weight. Jade and her cutie pies all fall asleep in an embrace, ”adds Jen.

Jade the mommy longs for human love but het kittens are on the first place for her.

The cutie loves to scratch under my chin and loves to rub against my legs while I make something to eat,” says Jen.

The kittens are now one week old and their eyes are starting to open. They don’t lack hugs and are always spotlessly clean with their mommy.

She knew exactly who to go to when she was pregnant. I love that they are open about accepting help from people.” – tells the woman.

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