This cat has more fingers, than usual, but this doesn’t prevent him from being loved and adorable

Last Spring, American Olivia Day sheltered a homeless ginger cat, who, despite a huge barking dog, rushed to her feet. She took the poor fellow home to warm, but then she couldn’t part with it. Recently, the girl shared photos of an old dog Marshall, that turned out to be unique in its kind. The unusualness of the cat is the presence of an additional set of toes. Such an anomaly doesn’t interfere at all, but on the contrary helps the fluffy. He masterfully climbs trees and can hug his owner tightly.

Meet, its Marshal-a cat with additional set of fingers

The owner told, that the fluffy has several toes on the front paws, and only one on the back just one

This doesn’t harm Marshals health and doesn’t affect the quality of life in any way

Several additional pink pads make his paws even cuter

And help to climb up the pillars

Olivia constantly walks her unusual pet

Concerning with the growing popularity she opened an Instagram page for Marshal

Olivia publishes stories and new photos on his account, which demonstrates how adorable and wonderful cat is Marshal. Now everyone who wants can follow the many-legged ginger. He is enjoying life at that time, crawling through the trees and taking advantage of what Mother Nature has awarded him.

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