The Owners Take Turns Sleeping with Their Dog So That He Doesn’t Feel Old and Lonely

Spike the dog can be the envy of any representative of the dog tribe.  14 years ago he appeared in a house with kind people and when Spike got old and got a diseases the owners surrounded him with incredible care.

The thing is that the veterinarians forbade Spike from any physical activity and the owners decided to create the most comfortable conditions for him.

The owners liked the doggy so much that they allowed him to sleep with them.  And since the owners’ bedroom is on the second floor it became very difficult for the old doggy to climb the stairs and the owners decided to organize a sleeping place for the pet on the first floor putting a sofa there.

And so that Spike wouldn’t be lonely the owners decided to take turns sleeping with him.  In addition, they also feed the pet right in bed so that he is less stressed.  This is how these kind and caring people take care of their elderly family member.

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