The dog covers in UPS Truck; the owner makes him wear an essential PSA

Even though we sometimes hear stories about dog’s attacks on mailman, this story doesn’t refer to UPS drivers. The UPS driver was doing his work, delivering a pile of dog cookies. One of their costumers has a Golden Retriever. With their crazy, cheerful personalities, it isn’t surprising, that this dog was the receiver of many cookies. The driver was shocked, when he understood, that he forgot his cookies one day!

His unhappy dog friend decided to do the delivers by himself, and when the driver went to take the package to the doors, the dog jumped into his UPS truck! He has drove for a ling time, before the driver noticed it. He was returned to his owner, who thought this whole situation as laughable. The owner put a sign around the dog’s neck: “The UPS driver forgot to bring a cookie for me, so I decided to drive his truck in the neighbourhood”. Do you have such an amazing dog story?


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