An officer went to an accident and fell in love with a little puppy

A new family member, the officer immediately fell in love with a puppy

The policemen never thought he would find a lovely puppy when he made a usual call. They fell in love with each other at first sight. He hold him in his arms and understood, that they now became inseparable.

The officer Marcus was sent to the local Animal Society to solve a problem connected with an employee. But he can’t imagine he would find there a little puppy.

“We were doing our work, when one of the supervisors came with a little puppy in his hands. He was asleep, as his eyes were heavy.”

When the office saw a little puppy he was amazed, especially after knowing his touching story. He was lest as a puppy in the box outside the shelter door at night and only in the morning it was found by a shelter worker. Since then the officer decided to adopt the little puppy.

The officer told the supervisor, that he will take him home right now.

When he took the puppy home everyone fell in love with him, especially his other dog. He and his girlfriend have wanted to adopt another dog, as their dog likes to play with a friend.

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