A man created a bird feeder, that barters bottle caps for food

An interesting idea: The man thought magpies to clear up the neighbourhood 

It’s awesome to watch the animals discovering good tricks. When your dog brings a beer from the fridge is amazing, but these days it’s not amazing.

Hans Forsberg works in robotics and industrial applications of artificial intelligence, and he wanted to use his abilities to help birds living in his garden.

And he built a device, that helps magpies to convert bottle caps for food.

Magpies are rather smart from other birds. In reality they are so smart that they are reusing rubbish.

Magpies have been living in Hans’ garden for many years. Once he detected the interested magpies trying to open the convoluted locks of outdoor lights and he planned something unusual.

The magpies wanted to take candles from the lights, as they loved to steal like crows. And seeing this Hans thought, that they could carry out more advantageous functions.

So he built a device, with the help of which he started to educate magpies to collect garbage from the surrounding area in exchange for food. This was not only a new idea for him, but also he was the first to create such device.

When a magpie drops a cap in the appropriate hole, it takes food from the dispenser

This plan had some nuances. 1st is that the dispenser is filled with food, especially peanuts and kibble. When the trash is placed in the machine it gives one or two pieces of food.

When the process is over, the food comes through the tube.

There is a camera, that captures everything, electronics and detectors located under the table, where the food comes.

For many years he thought neighbourhood magpies how to reuse the bottle caps

An old magpies are very cautious, but little magpies love to keep the environment clean

It’s a very hard work and he has been working on it for many years, as it isn’t simple to teach magpies.

It’s also a challenge, when adult magpies meet any kind of changes in routine. Everything became different when they had babies. They were more fearless to evolve in this recycling plan.

For the future he wanted to teach them to collect other waste as well.

There are videos of the magpies cleaning up the neighbourhood.

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