Lopukhovsky mongrel; an affectionate dog aroused admiring glances from dog owners. They were interested in his breed, and the owner was embarrassed
The dog’s name was Balda. This strange name was given to the puppy by the four-year-old Sasha – probably because on the eve of the dog’s appearance in
Dynamo Footballers from Bucharest Went to the Match with Dogs
These days in Romania, games are being held within the framework of the country’s football championship. Athletes have proven long ago that recognition and popularity can serve as
Surviving among Raccoons. Folk Wisdom.
An ordinary forest raccoon will both deceive and devour you, and will smash your camp, and will also put that in your pocket… a smelly heap. Because a
A Huge Whale Pushed a Frightened Woman with its Nose, because it was Saving Her
The 63-year-old Nan Hauser has been studying cetaceans in their natural environment for over thirty years. The biologist heads the Center for Research and Conservation of Cetaceans, in
The Little Monkey Lived in a Bird Cage
Lovers of the exotic often purchase rare animals as pets. The problem is that few of them are serious about creating the necessary conditions for animals. Employees of
3 Reasons Why Animals Thrive in Chernobyl Zone Despite Radiation
More than thirty years have passed since the technogenic disaster at the Chernobyl NPP( nuclear power plant ). The level of radiation was destructive both for people and